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    Lauren Jay Paris has a history of fifteen long and successfully years in providing perfumes to every nook and corner of the world. Our humongous variety of perfumes have been nothing short of a blessing for perfume lovers all around.
    Here are a few questions that you must have asked yourself at least once and wondered the what’s and why’s. Read the answers and become a walking encyclopedia on fragrances and all about it.

    • What is the story and origin behind the word “Perfume”?

      The word perfume has its roots in the Latin word “per fumum” which means “through smoke” in English. The art of making perfumes and wearing them was first adopted by Romans and Arabs, around 2500 years ago. Emperor Nero, the fifth Roman emperor, is known to have held elaborate feasts where rose oil poured through the fountains and was wafted on guests in thin air. ‘Bakhoor’, an ancient practice of Arab culture that burns precious timber wood to perfume clothing, can still be seen implemented in Arab regions.

    • What is the first perfume ever made in the history of humankind?

      While history does not know which the perfume to grace the Earth was, the mastermind behind perfume-making is Tapputi, a renowned chemist. She lived Babylon around 1200 B.C. and spent days to figure our methods of extracting scent from flowers and wood. This led to the development of first ever, fully functional perfume factory in the land of Cyprus, the heart of Egypt. Egyptians crafted special glass containers to hold their scents and make usage of perfumes a part of their lifestyle.
      perfume lover
    • Perfume’s fragrance never stays the same throughout the day – why?

      The biggest question people who are new to using perfumes often have is this. Well, to simply put it, a perfume consists of three notes: Top, Heart, and Base notes. Creation of perfumes is a complex science in itself that takes into account how skin works and that decides the major ingredients. The top notes in all perfumes are quite delicate and linger only for around fifteen minutes. Heart notes emerge just before the top ones disappear. They are often floral and spice and last longer than the top notes. Last come the base notes that linger for the longest period and are of usually wood and amber.

    • Are perfumes truly aphrodisiac or is it just a myth?

      Well, perfumes do truly hold the power to be aphrodisiac. Some perfumes can increase sexual instinct depending on their ingredients. Some common examples of such ingredients are, jasmine, lavender, cinnamon and vanilla. Legend says Cleopatra was also very well aware of what perfumes can do and used them to seduce Mark Antony.

    • What is the right way to store perfumes?

      Humidity, sunlight, and temperature are a few of the factors that affect perfumes. Having these in the right range and apt combination is perhaps the most important for ideal storage. Perfumes should be strictly kept away from sunlight. Humidity and temperature should be well within the normal ranges, therefore closed spaces are never a suitable choice.

    • Do perfumes expire?

      While expiry may not be the right word, all perfumes come with a limited span. Once a perfume bottle is opened and it has come into contact with air, it is preferred to use it within 3-5 years. Anything more than that, and your perfume simply loses its original fragrance; hence, becoming pretty much useless. For instance, some perfumes simply smell of alcohol after a few years. To summarise, the greater the concentration of perfumes, the longer it will last in terms of quality and fragrance. Usually, perfumes will base notes that are oriental persist for the longest time.
    • Is there one right way to apply perfume

      Ever wondered why perfumes do not last as long on you others? Well, you might not be applying it in the recommended way. Perfumes are activated by one’s body heat; therefore, applying it on main pulse points is very important. Those are – behind the ear, on neck, inside of the wrists, elbows, and behind knees. Also, you can apply it in your hair for it to diffuse for longer time. However, applying directly on hair can do more harm than good. Apply indirectly. How? Simply spray it on the brush you use and you are good to go.

    • What makes Eau De Parfum distinct from Parfum?

      What makes one perfume type distinct from the other is its concentration. Concentration, in perfume terminology, refers to the amount of pure perfume oils per unit volume. Parfum perfumes are those that have concentrations greater than 20 per cent. Since parfums have greater concentrations, they last longer on the skin, for about 10-12 hours, as opposed to Eau De Parfums that last for only around six hours.

    • Are perfumes unisex?

      To honestly put it, all perfumes that we use today are unisex. There is no law or rule that classifies as floral, delicate scents with women or hard, woody scents with men. It is totally up to the person wearing it to decide which to use. People have classified perfumes based on gender norms. Even today, many women prefer to wear men’s perfume. If you are one of those, do not feel guilty of doing so. There is nothing wrong with that.

    • Do perfumes really have ability to life one’s mood?

      Surprising, but this is scientifically proven. Perfumes immediately relax one’s brain and body, make one feel confident and also in high spirits. In fact, this is not the only power that they hold. Apply memory scents can help one remember things. Citrus perfumes are known to make wearer feel refreshed and in better mood.

    • Why does the same perfume smell different on different people?

      Not every skin type is the same. Different people have different skin type with varying PH, life style, and habits. Lifestyle here translate to one’s diet, exercise routine and habits mean smoking, drinking etc. This is primarily the reason why a perfume smells different on others and on scent cards. Additionally, if a perfume has begun smelling different on you that it previously did, the reason is not necessarily expiry. It could be some lifestyle or behavioral change in you.

    • Is atomiser the same as splash bottle?

      The answer is a clear no. Atomisers basically have a spray pump, so most perfumes obviously classify as atomisers. On the other hand, a splash bottle is the one without a spray pump and may not have an applicator on the bottle top. Perfumes are often packaged in crystal bottles without a spray pump, but they do have an applicator tool on top to dab on skin.

    • Do some perfumes classify as vegan?

      Yes, that is indeed possible as perfumes often contain ingredients that come from animals. If you prefer using vegan perfumes, it is strongly advised that you double check on the bottle for ingredients before applying or purchasing any. This is because there is no trend of officially having a package say so.
    vegan perfume

    Lockdown and scent-sniffing – we have the right solution

    Lockdown and scent-sniffing – we have the right solution

    Fragrances have the unique power in them to lift one’s mood and boost energy. Going through a bad phase and want an escape? Fragrances are here to rescue.
    Covid-19 and lockdown has hindered perfume shopping for many. You cannot just enter a shop to merely lift your spirits by smelling new scents. Here is where Lauren Jay Paris has come to save the day. It is every perfume lover’s go-to place who cannot just shop for perfumes online without trying on skin first.
    During the first lockdown, following SOPs meant that most retailers had removed their tester units; thus, depriving customers of the chance to smell fragrances before choosing to buy any. With yet another lockdown being imposed in England, Lauren Jay Paris is practically a savior for perfume-lovers. We, at Lauren Jay Paris, take pride in delivering perfumes to our cbestustomers at doorstep. It is time you take a backseat, be safe at home, and let us take care of the rest.
    There is a plethora of advices and recommendations from people all around the world on which perfume is better, but anyone who truly loves perfumes will not want to rely solely on recommendations. No advice comes close to trying a fragrance on your skin and experience it yourself. Also, who knows what is loved by others may not be the best as per your taste?
    Has it ever happened that you try a perfume for a few minutes and choose to buy it? But, there are later regrets because the scent is just not the same after sometime. It is a very common occurrence. The science behind this is that fragrance does not develop on one’s skin within seconds or minutes. When you push the nozzle and experience the first scent – that is actually the ‘Top Notes’. They disappear after a few minutes (and by then the damage is done). What one should truly try is the Heart and Base Notes; those linger for far longer and are really what you will smell like. These notes can only be experienced if the perfume has been on for a little longer, which is obviously not the case during shopping physically. The two of them develop and bloom once the Top Notes disappear.
    At Lauren Jay Paris, our initiative of delivering perfumes at doorstep has helped us gain massive sales despite the pandemic. If anything, customers seemed to have loved samples and placed orders for a full-size bottle.
    Our perfumes have been specifically designed and customized to include our best-selling as well the new arrivals. There is a plethora of fragrances to suit everyone’s choice and you will surely want to buy more than one. Our perfumes include almost everything ranging from emerging brands to classic ones.

    chatler adventure

    From the men’s category, Chatler Dolce Men is one of the best-selling. With top notes of coriander and basil and base notes of tobacco and cedar, it engulfs you in soothing pleasure. Chatler Inversus Aqua is another unique fragrance that delves into woody and aquatic notes with a lingering of grapefruit. Chatler Adventure has a mix of notes of vanilla, oak moss, and jasmine that will not let you set eyes on any other.
    eliter pink mandarin
    If you’re a woman looking for some fragrances to try from the comfort of your home, be sure to order our perfumes . Chatler Armand Luxury Midway with a hint of cedar wood and citrus blossom and Chatler Elitar Pink Mandarin with notes of sandalwood and rose nectar will transport you into heaven of scents. Ch Good Lady stands out with its deeply captivating creamy base of cocoa and coffee.

    Do not let the lockdown and pandemic deprive you of sniffing all these alluring scents. Choose us to help you explore fragrances from different brands. ready to be delivered at your place, we cater to all perfume lovers in England and play our part in the world of fragrances.

    Lockdown and scent-sniffing